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Aaruni Khare

Data Scientist

DataTrained has helped me with the vital knowledge and skills that are needed for a data scientist role. The trainer starts with an example to make us comprehend the concept and then help us build the algorithms with the real industry datasets.

Arpit Agarwal

Software Developer, Niyo

This is the best course ever! The trainers know a lot and they know how to explain it the best. I am really thankful to the DataTrained and I am sure this course will serve as my backbone in my career in software engineering.Thank you Datatrained and team!

Dilip Dubey

Equity Research Analyst

I was looking for a good Investment Banking course for a long time. Even while joining DataTrained I was not that sure. But I must say the way the DataTrained trainers taught was exceptionally good! The concepts taught were so easy to understand. I would recommend anyone to join DataTrained and it will be the best experience. I guarantee.

Rakshit Jain

Data Scientist, Optum

I saw an ad from DataTrained on facebook and I contacted them straight away and enquired about their Data Science online course. Their counselor took me through the complete journey of what they offer and what is data science all about. After continuous conversation for a few weeks, I was pretty sure about the course and now I knew where I need to invest my money and hard work.

Sourabh Kumar

Software Engineer, Optum

Datatrained has done an excellent job by offering such a spectacular curriculum explaining all of the concepts in this course and the purpose of each of these concepts. The trainers also showed exactly where to find the documentation for each of the packages, libraries, and frameworks used in this course. After completing this course, I feel that I will be able to build a full-stack app much quicker without having to refer back to past course materials as often.

Chetan Chugh

Equity Capital Market Analyst

Amazing experience at DataTrained. It was an extremely good atmosphere for learning as the teachers are very nice and sweet and most importantly they teach very well. The course curriculum is also very well built, they have hint videos and other online doubt resolution sessions as well. Efforts placement team is really remarkable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DataTrained Free Courses initiative all about?

We are all plagued by complete insecurity, Covid-19 has already proved it. This unprecedented scenario hampered aspirants' learning. To cater to this gap in learning DataTrained presents professional certification courses that are free of cost.

We started with a vision of bridging the gap between the increasing demand for skilled professionals and the lack of skilled candidates. The free courses are developed in such a manner that aspirants from different domains can choose between a wide range of free courses available online at the most promising ed-tech platform DataTrained Education.

Happy Learning…!

Which are the free online courses with certificates in India?

There are many free online courses with professional certificates offered by DataTrained in India and across the globe. The mode of training is online and covers 360° in both the technical and non-technical domains. Aspirants from all around the world and across India are opting for these courses. Since the delivery method is online it is compatible with Anyone Anywhere Anytime. Here is the list of some of the free online courses aspirants can opt for:

  • Programming Foundation
  • Introduction to C++ Programming
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Data Visualization using R Shiny
  • Learn SQL for Data Science
  • Learn Statistics for Data Science
  • Learn Python Programming for Data Science
  • Cloud Deployment of Machine Learning Model
  • Learn to build Chatbot with Chatterbot
  • Learn Simple Chat Reflections with Python
  • Build Chatbot with RASA
  • Build Talking Bots with Python
  • Speech to Text Conversion using Python
  • Audio to Text Conversion using Python
  • Learn to build Language Translator with Python
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing Bots with Python
  • Getting Started with Data Structure

Are DataTrained certificate courses free?

Yes, DataTrained presents to you a great opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your current knowledge with our several free certificate courses available online. These courses are completely free of cost, all you have to do is just sign up and you are ready to roll, no hidden changes too. You can choose any course as per your needs & requirements.

Begin your learning journey now with our free online professional courses.

How many of the free courses would I be able to enroll in at the same time?

Well, there is no limit to how many courses you can enroll in at the same time. DataTrained does not want to restrict aspirants' learning curve. However, we would highly suggest you complete these online free certificate courses one by one and preferably with short breaks in between. Taking short breaks in between courses would ensure that you are able to grasp every concepts well and can apply concepts efficiently.

What is the time duration for completing the DataTrained free courses?

The time duration for completing the DataTrained free courses is dynamic. It means it depends on you as these are self-paced courses. For example, aspirants can complete a given course in 15 days whose ideal duration is 3 months while some other student might complete it in 4 months.

It depends on the students' learning efficiency, and also the time they can invest in the course the ideal time is 8-10hrs per week. We prescribe an ideal time duration with each course and also allow 2 extra months or 8 weeks after your initial course duration concludes.

Do DataTrained’s free online certificates have an expiration date?

DataTrained’s free online certifications courses are valid for life-time. The knowledge you gain in these courses are developed in such a way that you will enhance yourself and eventually upgrade yourself.

DataTrained is a world renowned organization and is recognized globally. These courses train you in skills that are applicable in every sphere of life whether professional or personal. On completion of any certification from DataTrained aspirants add weightage to their resumes and hold an extra edge compared to others.

What is the total duration for which I can access the content?

The total duration of the course for which you can access a particular course is mentioned with every course. The duration of the course for example could be 2, 3 or 4 months. Along with this prescribed duration, we give students an opportunity for 2 extra months.

This has been considered to help those students who were not able to complete the course due to some unavoidable circumstances.

How will I get the certificate of completion?

You will get the certification from DataTrained upon successful completion of the course on our learning platform. Your course completion certificate will automatically get generated and will be sent to your registered E-mail ID. You can download the softcopy and attach it with your resume to showcase it to employers. You can even check the authenticity of the certificate by putting in the unique ID mentioned on the certificate on the DataTrained official website.

Are there any qualifications required for the free certifications by DataTrained?

The basic qualification for opting a free certification course from DataTrained is your interest and your willingness.

Hence, NO specific qualification is mentioned for any of the free certification courses available on our platform, I would suggest you to share these certification courses with your family and friends.

Which app is best for free online courses with certificates?

DataTrained APP is available on both PLAY STORE and APP STORE. Aspirants can go to these platforms and download the application. Aspirants can also visit the website and opt for any of the free online certificate courses.

Once you have downloaded the APP you can open the APP and start your immersive learning, all the free courses that are available on the website are also available in the APP.

Why should I choose DataTrained free online courses with certificates instead of others?

DataTrained is a leading Startup in the EdTech domain and we offer various state-of-the-art courses. Our Data Science, Full Stack Development, Investment Banking, Human Resource Management and many other courses are already popular among the students throughout India and across the globe. Along with that our free courses do not include any hidden charges and you will even get the certification without paying anything. We don't even ask for your credit/debit card details. Just Sign up, complete the course and get the certificate, as simple as that!

Do the DataTrained free Certificates have their unique ID number? Verifiable

Yes, upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certification whose authenticity can be checked online. Every certificate bears a unique student ID. You just have to copy this unique ID and paste it on the DataTrained official page for verifying certificates CLICK HERE. This certificate is recognized by almost all top organizations in India and throughout the globe.

Can I get programming certifications for free from DataTrained?

Yes, you can get programming certifications for free from DataTrained. In fact, there are numerous free programming courses including:

  • Data Visualization using R Shiny
  • Learn SQL for Data Science
  • Learn Python Programming for Data Science
  • Learn to build Chatbot with Chatterbot
  • Learn Simple Chat Reflections with Python
  • Build Chatbot with RASA
  • Build Talking Bots with Python
  • Getting Started with Data Structure
  • Programming Foundation
  • Introduction to C++ Programming
  • Introduction to Java Programming

Along with these programming courses you can also enroll in many professional technical and non-technical courses.