What You'll Learn

  1. Understanding WordPress Platform
  2. WordPress Dashboard and Website Setup
  3. Content Management
  4. Media options
  5. Themes and Widgets - Change the look of your Website
  6. Menus and Navigation
  7. Plugins for WordPress
  8. Customizing WordPress
  9. WordPress resources Backup


  Introduction To Word Press

  • Intro WordPress
  • WordPress Intro - Part 1
  • WordPress Intro - Part 2
  • WordPress Intro - Part 3
  • Introduction To WordPress
  • Introduction To Benefits Of WordPress
  • How WordPress Works
  • Setup A Free WordPress Site In Under 5 Minutes
  • Using WordPress. org to get a Website
  • WordPress Quick Install using Hosting panel under 2 minutes for Website
  • Setup WordPress From Downloaded Source
  • Setup WordPress On Your Computer
  • WordPress Setup Final Thoughts

  WordPress Dashboard

  • Introduction To The WordPress Theme
  • Selecting A Theme Customizing Your Website
  • General Settings What You Should Update When You First Setup Your Site
  • User Interaction Controls Comments
  • User friendly URLs SEO
  • Setting Up User Accounts

  Pages and Posts

  • How Pages Work In WordPress
  • Creating Content Posting on WordPress
  • WordPress Arcade Theme
  • Automation Of WordPress Content To Social Accounts
  • Introduction To WordPress Content

  Media Library

  • Adding Images to WordPress Library
  • Adding Video to WordPress Library
  • Adding Dummy and Placeholder Content


  • Adding Dummy and Placeholder Content
  • Where Themes are located within WordPress
  • Adding New Themes
  • Filtering and searching for WordPress Themes
  • Benefits of WordPress Premium Themes
  • Picking a Theme for WordPress
  • Using the WordPress Customizer

  Menu and Website Navigation

  • How Menus Work in WordPress
  • Adding Items to Menus Creating New Menus
  • WordPress Menu Widgets Customizer

  Content Management

  • Capturing your Audience with Media
  • Web Standards Using Alt Title Tagging
  • Using Featured Images
  • Presenting content to Visitors Paragraphs and Headings
  • Website User Data and Data Driven Decision Making
  • Keywords Content Strategy
  • Creating Content Tips
  • Connect your WordPress site to social media
  • Source Code HTML
  • View and Save Content

  Security and Backup

  • WordPress Updates and Security
  • WordPress User Accounts
  • Automate WordPress Backup
  • WordPress Backup options

  Working with Plugins and Widgets

  • Introduction to Plugins in WordPress
  • WordPress Top Social Media Plugins
  • Plugins Premium vs Free
  • Popular SEO plugins WordPress
  • Setting up a contact Form
  • Website Speed Cache your content plugin
  • Top Plugins WordPress
  • Widgets in WordPress
  • 2Customizing WordPress with Widgets