DataTrained Assesments


Discover the different types of presentations you can make right out of the box with libraries and templates (built right into RStudio). You can go beyond R Shiny by adding interactivity and creating embeddable dashboards without the need for HTML or JavaScript. This is an exciting course for analysts who want to increase the relevance and visibility of their work.



  • Anaconda Installation
  • Launching R Studio

  Welcome to R Shiny

  • Introduction to Shiny
  • Structure and Architecture

  Building a simple layout

  • Layout
  • Fluid page Elements
  • Creating a simple Shiny App

  Adding Functionalities

  • Enhancing with HTML
  • Inserting images and formatted text
  • Adding Control Widgets

  Rendering Reactivity

  • Reactivity in R
  • Render Functions
  • Display Reactive Output

  Simple Sales Revenue Dashboard

  • Simple Sales Revenue Dashboard